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Balancing a rotor using Vibxpert II – video

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Rotor balancing video

Rotor balancing video from Pruftechnik using Vibxpert II. This short video walks you step by step through a simple rotor balancing procedure. Unbalance is a major root cause of machinery failure. Unbalance forces on bearings and seals can drastically reduce their useful lifetime. In fact, an increase in load of 20% can reduce the life of a bearing to 1/2 its design lifetime! The relationship between life and load is similar for mechanical seals. This is why balancing is so important!

Unbalance also results in increased levels of vibration that can lead to fatigue in other machine components including piping systems and the machine foundation. Vibration traveling through a foundation into a standby machine can cause false Brinnelling in its bearings. Vibration can also cause problems in product quality – so, balance your machines!

Long story short, use vibration analysis to detect unbalance and then use the same measurement system to balance the rotor. As you can see in the video, balancing is a step by step process. If the vibration levels go down, you are doing it correctly. If they go up you have made a mistake! Time spent balancing machines is time well spent!


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