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Vibration program audits

based on the best selling book: Audit it. Improve it! Getting the Most From Your Vibration Monitoring Program by Alan Friedman. Are you getting the most out of your vibration monitoring program? Are you in compliance with ISO standards and other best practices?  Is your vibration monitoring program adding to the profitability of your plant? If you answered “no” to any of these questions then you are not alone! But don’t worry, we can help!

Vibration Program Audit – Sample Agenda

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A typical agenda for an program audit consists of the following:

  1. Meet to discuss  expectations and the goals of the audit
  2. Develop an agenda
  3. Typical topics / tasks
    1. Define the goals of the program, discuss current state of the program
    2. Develop KPI’s to measure success of program
    3. Review machinery in program
    4. Check test points
    5. Check test setups and data types
    6. Review the goals of the measurements, i.e. what faults one is trying to detect
    7. Discuss good data collection practices / collecting good data
    8. Review / define standard test operating conditions
    9. Review data analysis process
    10. Audit, create, review baselines and alarms
    11. Review report writing procedures / determining report contents
    12. Conduct vibration analysis training
    13. Discuss use of other condition monitoring technologies
    14. Provide awareness training for shop floor people or management
    15. Audit / develop processes and procedures for running the program
  4.  Develop road map for evolving and improving the program

These topics can be easily adjusted to meet your current needs.

Alan Friedman has over 24 years of experience setting up vibration monitoring programs. Email us now to discuss your needs: [email protected]

Vibration Program Audit – Sample Agenda

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The best way to reach me is by email at: [email protected]

Become a Certified Auditor

Would you like to become a certified vibration program auditor? You could become certified to play this role within a larger organization or you can get certified and start your own business helping others succeed. If you become certified with us, you will have our backing to help you become successful. Whether you are an employee in a large company or a consultant who wants another service to add to their offerings, this certification is for you!

Prerequisites: Certification at ISO 18436-2 Cat III or higher

Auditor Training and Certification Course: 4.5 Days

Optional opportunity to license the Zenco name