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Vibration Analysis Training

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ISO 18436-2 Vibration Analysis Training

Zenco provides vibration analysis training and certification in accordance with ISO-18436-2 in Categories I, II and III.  (VCAT I, VCAT II, VCAT III) Vibration training is available online and on-site in English or Spanish. Envibe (in Houston) and Ludeca (in Miami) host public classroom courses at least twice a year. Contact us if you would like to host a course.

Learn, get certified Cat 1, Cat 2 or Cat 3. Earn more and watch your career take off! Click here to purchase public classes online or contact us for pricing and availability for private vibration courses on-site or online. Public Course Schedule Learn more about certification: About Certification: https://zencovibrations.com/about-certification/

Category I

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This vibration course is for those who are new to machinery vibration analysis. It is appropriate for people who are involved in vibration analysis as well as for those who wish to gain awareness of the technology. Whether you are or will be collecting and analyzing data, managing people who collect vibration data or simply want to understand what vibration is all about, this course is for you!

Why Take This Course?

  • Certification opens up new career paths
  • Learn to collect and validate vibration data
  • Learn basic analysis
  • Learn how machines fail

Duration: 3 days with optional 2 hour exam on day 4

Prerequisites: None to take the course, 6 months experience to get certified. The experience can come after the course and the exam.

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Category II

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This vibration course is for people who will be involved in the day to day testing and analysis of machinery vibration data. Students will learn how to collect and analyze vibration data to identify common faults in rotating machines. Motors, pumps, fans, compressors, generators, gearboxes, belts etc. Faults such as unbalance, misalignment, looseness, bearing wear, cavitation, foundation problems…

Why Take This Course?

  • Certification opens up new career paths
  • Set up machine tests and routes
  • Analyze data and detect faults

Duration: 4 days with optional 3 hour exam on day 5

Prerequisites: None to take the course, 12 months experience to get certified. The experience can come after the course and the exam. People without engineering degrees should start with Cat I

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Category III

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This vibration course is for people who have passed Cat II and wish to delve deeper into vibration analysis or manage Condition Monitoring programs. Topics include special tests, phase analysis, troubleshooting, structural analysis, 2-plane balancing etc. Students will learn about ODS, Modal analysis, video motion amplification, signal processing, wireless sensors, monitoring system design…

Why Take This Course?

  • Certification opens up new career paths
  • Establish CBM programs
  • Learn advanced analysis
  • Learn 2 plane balancing
  • Structural analysis

Duration: 4 days with optional 4 hour exam on day 5

Prerequisites: Cat II certification. 36 months experience to get certified. The experience can come after the course and the exam.

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Awesome Animations and Simulators!

Modern training materials make learning fun and easy! Public Course Schedule

Did You Know?

  • Alan Friedman wrote and edited much of the Mobius Institutes course materials and trained many of their trainers
  • Alan Friedman teaches all Zenco courses personally
  • When you take a Zenco course you are supporting a small US based business, not a big investment corporation
  • Zenco courses are modern and up to date – unlike some of our competitors who are still using tired power points they created 15+ years ago
  • Vibration analysts earn an additional 10% or more with each level of certification

Alan Friedman

Alan Friedman‘s name is synonymous with vibration analysis training and certification. He has trained and certified thousands of students in accordance with ISO 18436-2 Category I, II, III and IV.  Alan is an excellent teacher who is passionate about the subject matter. He uses advanced simulators, 3D animations and videos. Alan is a great communicator who is especially good at explaining the topics in ways that anyone can understand. He is ISO 18436-2 Category IV certified. Alan used to teach for the Mobius Institute, helped create their course content and trained many of their trainers. Don’t settle for the underpaid inexperienced trainer the big investment firm sends. Take a course from the vibration guru himself!

More Vibration Analysis Training

On-site, Informal Vibration Analysis Training

If you are not interested in certification or if you are interested in specific topics, then informal on-site training might be appropriate for you. Sit down with Alan, one on one or in a small group to get all of your vibration analysis questions answered. Informal vibration training can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether it is related to verifying that your database is set up correctly or checking your test points or alarm settings, Alan can help. Alan will assess your needs and your current level of understanding. He will work with you to teach you what you need to know to be successful.

Program Audits

If you want to know the current status of your vibration monitoring program and learn how to make it more profitable, a vibration program audit is for you. You can download a sample agenda for a program audit here. In Alan’s book  he describes 10 Components of a successful condition monitoring program. He’ll take you through these 10 components to help you understand the status of your program and what you can do to improve it.

Awareness Training

Condition Based Maintenance is not just about vibration analysis technology, it is about changing how the plant makes decisions. Just because you are good at collecting readings and interpreting graphs does not mean that you are getting the most from your program. It is essential to ensure that processes and procedures are in place and that you get buy-in for your program from those above and below you in the organization. Awareness training aims to involve people outside of your group to help them understand the benefits of what you are doing and to gain their support. 

Online Q/A

If you have a few questions or just want to clear up some doubts, Alan can meet with you online for a few hours. Maybe you are studying for a certification exam with another company or have some questions about your vibe program, Alan can help. We do NOT provide data analysis services. Contact us for pricing and availability.