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Vibration analysis training and certification in accordance with ISO 18436-2. Come learn, get certified and move your career forward! Course Schedule We offer private virtual and on-site courses on demand. All courses are taught by Alan Friedman who you know from Mobius Institute. Contact us for pricing and availability [email protected] Category I and II also available in Spanish. Download 2023 Course Schedule PDF

Why Get Trained By Us?

Alan Friedman, aka the vibe guru, worked for the Mobius Institute for 13 years, helping create their course materials, training their trainers and traveling the world teaching and certifying students up to ISO Category IV in both English and Spanish. He has 30+ years of vibration analysis experience. People love taking his classes!

When Alan left Mobius Institute people noticed!

Well known, well established and well respected companies lined up behind him to offer vibration analysis training and certification. His students have followed him away from Mobius Institute to continue on their path and gain higher levels of certification. Other big names in the vibration world have been sending their employees to him for training and certification.

We have fourteen vibration training courses scheduled in 2023 in Miami, (Ludeca), New York (CTC) and Houston (Envibe) in addition to virtual vibration training courses. We are also available for private virtual or on-site vibration courses with certification in accordance with ISO 18436-2.

Mobius Institute History

Alan Friedman started his career at DLI Engineering (now SymphonyAI) in 1991 working alongside Jason Tranter. Alan helped create DLI’s Category I, II and III courses and traveled the world teaching students. He created the first 3D animations to describe mechanical faults in machines such as rolling element bearing wear and misalignment way back in the early 1990’s.

Jason Tranter took the knowledge he gained at DLI and started a training company that later became Mobius Institute. Alan joined him there in 2007. During his time at Mobius, the company grew substantially and took a great deal of market share. Alan trained and certified 1000’s of students in that time.

Alan Left Mobius Institute

During the Covid lockdowns, Alan took the opportunity to fine tune his own classes. ISO 18436-2 Category I, II and III with Cat II and II in Spanish. He created all new 3D animations and videos to help make learning fun and easy. In the past few years he has trained and certified tons of students at all levels both virtually and in person. Check out the testimonials on this website to see what people are saying or check out the recommendations section of his profile on LinkedIN

Alan Teaches All of The Courses

People used to call Mobius Institute to request Alan as an instructor or to find out which courses he was teaching. That is no longer necessary as Alan teaches all of Zenco’s courses personally. Now you can get trained by the Vibe Guru himself!

Don’t be intimidated! What makes Alan such a great teacher is his ability to teach people where they are at. Whether you are a math challenged millwright, an engineer or a PhD, Alan will challenge you without overwhelming you and he will make sure you are prepared for the exam!

Join our mailing list and stay informed as we add additional courses in 2023 or contact us for a quote for a private virtual or on-site course. We look forward to seeing you!

Get Certified With Us!

Brand new animations and videos will help you understand the concepts and Alan has a teaching style that can’t be beat!  Vibration analysis training and certification in accordance with ISO 18436-2. Come learn, get certified and move your career forward!