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Asset Condition Monitoring Management – Jack Nicholas

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Jack Nicholas


Jack Nicholas

Asset Condition Monitoring Management

Jack Nicholas Asset Condition Monitoring Management. This is a must have book for anyone involved in condition monitoring or predictive maintenance.

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This book offers up-to-date information needed by decision makers and implementers interested in starting a new, or upgrading an existing, ACM/PdM program, while aligning it with the most advanced thinking on asset management. It describes evolving technology, hardware and software, use of the Internet of Things (IoT), integrating ACM/PdM with SCADA, and managing the massive amounts of data resulting from it among many other practical factors and ideas needed for success.


This book gives an overview of Predictive Maintenance Management. Predictive maintenance detects deterioration, analyzes it, and predicts future deterioration. Analysts, using the predictions, act to limit deterioration and prevent complete failure. Some complex equipment may never fail completely if properly maintained. Parts and components of the complex equipment may fail or be replaced to prevent their failure, preserving the equipment as a whole from failing to accomplish its designed function. To make good predictions, plant personnel must make a long-term commitment to systematic collection, analysis and presentation of the right data.

Motor Electrical Testing

Motor Electrical Testing


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Motor Electrical Predictive Maintenance and Testing 9th Edition – Volume 1, 2, 3 & 4 1)Volume 1 – Explains in drawings and photos the theory of how AC and DC motors work, how the most common motors found in commercial and industrial facilities are constructed, how they are characterized by their nameplate parameters and what points of vulnerability, failure modes and causes are most prevalent. 2)Volume 2 – Contains descriptions, explanations of and case studies illustrating 12 diagnostic tests performed during motor manufacturing and repair, including entirely new and extremely valuable test method involving use of polarization index curves called Polarization Index Profile Analysis for determining the condition of insulation systems in all sizes and types of motors in service as well as during restoration short of total rewind. 3)Volume 3 – Describes seven technologies for motor electrical predictive condition monitoring, almost all of which have been developed and applied since about 1990. A chapter is devoted to using up to 15 predictive technologies to help refine condition assessments, since no single technology can detect all failure modes in motors. 4)Volume 4 – Is aimed at those who are contemplating starting or already engaged in some aspect of motor management. It provides practical, proven ideas on how to design, support and defend programs, how to make them continually improve and how to justify and obtain resources needed to start and expand the effort and gaining full cooperation of all cognizant and/or relevant parties in aspects of motor management.

Secrets of success with procedures

Secrets of success with procedures
















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This is a universally applicable primer on procedures, their relationships to polices, plans and processes and the most effective ways of managing all of them in today s digital, cyber-centric world. Lessons articulated are applicable to retail business, the medical field, manufacturing, utilities, all levels of government and every other organization you can imagine.


About the Author – Jack R. Nicholas, Jr.

Jack Nicholas

Jack Nicholas

Jack R. Nicholas, Jr., P.E., CMRP, CRL, MBA, BS(Eng), CAPT USNR(Ret)

Project manager, developer of predictive, condition monitoring technologies and M & R programs, senior civilian engineer for U.S. Navy nuclear submarines and surface warships – 17 years; consultant to and trainer of key personnel in government, oil field services, mining, refining, utilities and manufacturing firms in North America, Australia, Asia, and the Caribbean – over 25 years.

Co-founded 3 companies. Author/Co-author of 10 books, many articles & papers. Keynote Speaker. Workshop Leader.

Graduated from U.S. Naval Academy, The American University, Navy Nuclear Propulsion & Submarine School Programs.

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