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KPIs for Condition Monitoring

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KPIs for Condition Monitoring


KPIs For Condition Monitoring help you determine the effects or outcomes of your efforts. Are you really getting a benefit from your condition monitoring program?  How can you know if you do not measure? But what KPIs do you measure? Well, that depends on the goals of your program. Is your condition monitoring program focused on gaining the benefits associated with better repair planning or is it more focused on avoiding catastrophic failures? How do repair decisions effect labor planning and overtime? Ho does repair planning effect the process of purchasing replacement parts? How does it effect production and meeting production goals?

When machines fail they can cause accidents, injuries and environmental consequences. These can lead to lawsuits and fines. These are additional examples of KPIs that can be measured, especially if the goal of your monitoring program is primarily focused on minimizing risk.

When selecting KPIs make sure you are willing to act on the outcome of your measurement.  Don;t select KPIs to mislead or to make you look good.

KPIs for Condition Monitoring:

Download the PDF here

This is the PDF version of a presentation made for the Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference in 2016. The presentation discusses key performance indicators (KPIs) to use for monitoring the effectiveness of machinery condition monitoring programs. If you do not measure KPIs you cannot know if your program is successful or not.

A longer version of this presentation that also includes ideas for defining the goals of a condition monitoring program is available below. This presentation was given at the Reliability conference in 2016.

Right Goals, Right Follow Up and Right Review:

Download the PDF here

A more in depth exploration of these topics and the other 7 components of a successful condition monitoring program, can be found in my book Audit it. Improve it! Getting the most from your vibration monitoring program by Alan Friedman. This includes a section on selecting the appropriate KPIs for our condition monitoring program.

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